Smiths BR1308/00 voltage stabiliser NEGTIVE earth top bracket

Product code: BHA4602

4 x lucar terminals

2 x male & 2 x female
negative earth
top bracket

general information .

The voltage stabiliser is an essential ancillary componant on every vehicle where bi-metal instrumentation is used .

The purpose of a voltage stabiliser is to provide a constant voltage within very close limits as a feed to the instruments .

Voltage stabilisers are frequently mounted on the back of the speedometer case , but sometimes they are panel mounted or mounted on the bulkhead .

The mounting position is important as the stabiliser is gravity sensitive and will not operate unless fitted in the correct manner .

This type of stabiliser is fitted with foolproof connections , a female lucar for the I terminal ( connect to indicator ) and a male lucar for the B terminal ( supply from battery ).

Product Code BHA4602
Weight 0.05kg