5 stage 3 AMP 12v intelligent digital battery charger / maintainer

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3 AMP automotive battery charger / maintainer with automatic switching

switching mode technology charges battery at least 1.5 times faster than units using conventional technology .

IP65 dust / splash / rain proof , reverse hook up / sparking protection , overcharging protection , and short circuit protection .

portable and compact L 16cm  x W 9.6cm x H 5.4cm .

charges 12V LEAD ACID , AGM , GEL , VRLA Batteries .

input 220-240v AC 1A 50Hz .

183cm connection leads .

1 Desulfation:
save a deeply discharged or a light sulfated battery for recovery .
the charger will start the charge pulse to charge the battery untl the voltage recovers and reaches expectable rechargeable level .
2 Fast Charge :
charge battery to 75% in the fastest and most efficient manner .
3 Equalisation:
when the battery reaches 75% charge , the charger starts a charge pulse with a smaller stream current to fully charge in a safe manner .
4 Top Off:
fully charge the battery without overcharging the battery .
under this the charger will shut off automatically when the battery is 100% charged . The charger will monitor the battery voltage continually to decide whether a new charge pulse should come .
5 Maintenance:
maintain the battery in full charge status .

Charging Capacity

12v Battery Type                                   Time
Folk Lift 200CCA                                   3.5hrs
CAR      300CCA                                   6hrs
CAR      400CCA                                   7.5hrs
CAR      500CCA                                   10hrs
4 x 4      600CCA                                   12hrs
VAN      750CCA                                    15hrs

Product Code 160968
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