181476 Battery Master / Isolator Switch replaces Lucas SSB100 SSB101

Product code: 181476
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Lucas SSB100 Lucas SSB101

battery  master switch / isolator replaces Lucas SSB100 / SSB101

Durite 0-605-46

bistable current isolator

with mechanical on/off position

explosion proof according to ( EEx ia ) IIC

with both positive and negative disconnection

3 sec emergency cut off delay

power supply for chronotacograf


250A continuous

2500A for 5 sec

Battery Master Switch General Information .

These devices are designed to disconnect and protect the batteries and all the vehicles electrical circuits .

Depending on the model , the isolation switches are able to disconnect either the negative  , the positive or both

sides of the battery .

The models with separate coil power supply can also be used to disconnect any other type of electical circuit

E.G marine applications .

For serial or parallel connection batteries use

250 amp continued 2500 amp for 5 sec NEG disconnection .

Product Code 181476
Weight 1.75kg